On one level, affiliate management is relatively straightforward. As long as good quality traffic is delivered at an acceptable acquisition cost, then the job’s done. But to achieve a higher level of success, it’s way more than that – it’s about attention to detail, efficient systems, imagination, world class technology and understanding the regulatory environment. Plus it’s also about having great contacts and personal relationships.

With Media Flip, you can have as much control as you wish. If you have a clear idea of what you want, then we can simply do what you ask. But if you’re time-poor or you’re new to this aspect of marketing, then you can let us take the strain.

Planning – If you’re unsure about the relative merits of CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA, we can talk you through the appropriateness of each. We can also advise on areas such as publisher commissions, payment tiers and rates for different traffic types, whether email, display, social or paid search. We can advise on what creative will deliver the best results and advise on such things as the incentive sector and seasonality.

Implementation – Using cutting edge affiliate management technology, your campaigns will be built on a solid bedrock. However, that’s only part of the process as it needs the skills of experienced affiliate managers to select and approve the most appropriate publishers. And, to get the most from them, it’s important to listen to publishers and act upon their requests.

Analysis – Another key aspect is the ongoing testing of your campaigns, whether that’s evaluating different traffic types or optimising the creative assets. Media Flip can work with you to analyse what’s working and what’s not, before acting accordingly.

The team at Media Flip has first-hand experience as clients, so we appreciate the importance of quality control and return on investment; experience as publishers, so we know how vital dialogue and prompt payment are; and as performance marketing experts, so we know what works.

If you’re looking for incremental business, Media Flip can deliver whatever success means for you. We can either be your sole network, working on an exclusive basis to provide you with a single point of accountability, or alongside other networks to broaden your reach and coverage.