Frequently recognised as the best route to market by brands of whatever size, email is a very powerful weapon in the marketing practitioner’s armoury. It can aid building positive awareness while simultaneously conveying detailed messages to precisely targeted consumers, before driving them to action. Plus, it’s directly accountable – every open, click and subsequent action can be analysed.

If your marketing objectives include any of the following, then email can deliver outstanding results:

  • Achieving positive brand awareness
  • Informing and educating about a product or service
  • Conveying unique propositions / differential advantages
  • Encouraging site visits
  • Generating App downloads
  • Lead generation (ie form fills)
  • Achieving product / service purchases

What’s more, email enables creative versatility – not just using arresting graphics and eye-catching headlines, but it can also use video content to great effect.

As marketers ourselves, with our own online brands, we use email every day. What’s more, we have managed hundreds of email campaigns for brands such as Virgin, Amazon, Saga, William Hill, Anglian Home, Cosmos Tours and many others.



Creative Development

We can help you devise the creative brief to ensure the resultant emails are as effective as possible. We’ll ensure common pitfalls are avoided, advise what email publishers will be looking for and what’s required under CAP and other guidelines. This isn’t a one-off exercise, but a continuing process which avoids over-use and anticipates external changes.

Testing and Optimisation

If you require assistance with developing an A/B testing programme, we can plan test matrices to make the creative work as hard as possible. These will establish the optimum combination of not just the headline, copy and images, but also such factors as the send name and subject line.


Generally around 40% of an email campaign’s success is down to the quality of the data. That’s why we only work with publishers who have 1st party, GDPR compliant data and who have a track record of success. What’s more, if you need to reach particular market niches – such as students or silver surfers – we’ll know just who’ll be able to deliver quality traffic.

We offer our email service purely on a performance basis, so if we don’t deliver the results you’re after, then there’s nothing to pay. That said, the reality is that our clients work with us on an ongoing basis because they know that everything is covered and Media Flip can be relied upon. Oh, and yes, they do get the results they’re after – and some! We’re happy to provide references to validate that.

Just use the contact page and we can tell you more.