With a focus on finance related products, Media Flip has a rapidly growing range of websites aimed at getting consumers to submit enquiries. We use SEO and paid advertising to drive a steady flow of traffic, which is substantially enhanced by email broadcasts sent by a carefully selected group of publishers. Naturally, they have their own first party data which is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Consequently, the Media Flip sites attract very substantial visitor numbers, which in turn create a considerable number of well-qualified leads.

At the front-end, our websites filter out inappropriate customers by asking relevant questions, by stipulating who will qualify and by making it clear precisely what will happen at the next stage.

Similarly, our back-end systems ensure that leads with an incorrect address or phone number are eliminated.

Testament to the quality of the leads we provide, it’s worth noting that one of the main buyers is Which?, renowned as a consumer champion and respected for its insistence on the highest standards.

The current websites we operate are:


The ‘True’ branding has been chosen to give a consistent look, feel and theme across the range of websites, and aims to provide consumers with confidence that they’re dealing with a reputable organisation. We have plans to develop further sites for such areas as Pensions and Equity Release in the coming months, with others to follow.

If you are looking for a supply of leads in any of the above areas, we’d be very keen to hear from you. Equally, if you have a requirement for leads in another sector, it would be great to talk. We could either build a new bespoke website in a matter of a week or two, or if you have a data capture site, we can be delivering traffic in hours or days.